Academics Business Program Overview

Program Description

乐福彩票Meridian's Business program, as represented by the MBA in Creative Enterprise, is designed to prepare graduates to engage with core business functions like management, marketing, finance, operations, and strategy. Meridian MBA curriculum weaves three dimensions through all courses: 1) transformative innovation, 2) business as means of regenerating the commons, and 3) entrepreneurship that is generative, not extractive.

Joshua Holcomb Alumnus

"Meridian students are not just seeking a job; they are seeking a pathway to affect our systems and culture in ways that heal and transform -- whether in the field of healthcare, education, business, public policy, environmental stewardship, etc. The leaders who emerge from Meridian University are members of an important and necessary shift underway in the fields they touch, bringing about a better world for all."

乐福彩票—Joshua Holcomb, Alumnus

Program Courses

Explore the course names, numbers, and descriptions for Meridian's Business program curriculum. Have questions about curriculum? Consider attending an Online Information Session to connect with program faculty and discuss Meridian's integrated yet flexible academic structure.

Program Faculty

Visit the Business program's faculty page to review faculty names, biographies, and scholarship profiles via the University's Institutional repository.


"Business has become, in this last half century, the most powerful institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole."

乐福彩票—Willis Harman, World Business Academy

Academic Structure

Meridian’s academic structure乐福彩票 gives students the flexibility to navigate the University’s curricular architecture in ways that match their passions, professional goals, and other life commitments.

乐福彩票The structure is designed to serve a diverse student body, who live around the globe, have varied cultural and clinical visions for their careers, and are at different stages in their professional journey.

乐福彩票Students enroll in a degree program, can elect a concentration, and register for one or multiple courses each quarter. In addition to core courses for the specific degree program and anchor courses that represent the Transformative Learning intent of Meridian’s curriculum, students select elective courses that align with their Meridian concentration, background, and career path.

Learning Format

乐福彩票Meridian’s hybrid learning format is designed to enable students to pursue their graduate education at a flexible pace, combining asynchronous coursework via the University’s custom social learning platform, Pivot, live course video calls with faculty, synchronous student community engagement, and onsite one-week residencies. By combining innovative online education methodologies with rich video calls and deep onsite residency connections, Meridian’s learning format enables students to contribute locally and perceive globally.

Each quarter, students take one or multiple seven-week online courses. This schedule provides students with time between quarters to rest, engage, and prepare. Additionally, students attend at least two weeklong residencies per academic year, until they complete their residency requirements. Residencies run Monday through Friday throughout the year, at Meridian’s Bay Area Center and other globally distributed locations. Students can select residency dates and locations based on their personal circumstances and professional aspirations.

My studies at Meridian University gave me not only the capacities to understand systems but also the skill set necessary to design new structures and ways to collaborate.

乐福彩票—Claudia Meglin, Alumnus

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